Foodie Monday: The Moab Diner

Eating at local establishments when on vacation has become a “thing” for my husband and me. I don’t know if it’s been caused by watching too many episodes of Triple D on the Food Network or being empty nesters but we have become more adventuresome in trying new places.

When we arrived in Moab, Utah after twelve hours of travel. Eating was a priority. Luckily, a quick internet search yielded several possibilities. I thought that the description and the food offered at the Moab Diner would be a great fit. We arrived at the height of dinnertime and were greeted by friendly faces telling us to sit wherever we wanted. It was packed, so the first available booth was only a few feet down the first aisle, so we took it and were given menus immediately.

Breakfast is served all day at the Moab Diner but I chose a taco salad and my husband had a pulled pork sandwich. There were many tempting dishes from which to choose, from appetizers and ice cream to full-course dinners. Many dishes had the restaurant’s own special green chile sauce. Our waiter was a young Mexican American teen, as polite as any waiter we’ve ever had – anywhere. He did not rush us, even though the restaurant got busier and busier, and checked often to make sure we were enjoying our dishes.

The Moab Diner also has an ice cream counter in the front, and many couples, as well as families with young children, were stopping by in the early evening to have a scoop or two or share a huge banana split like the couple next to us. We elected not to have ice cream but head back to the hotel for our first day of hiking in Arches National Park, just outside Moab.

I’ve written before about our experience in Arches and it is a park I definitely see us returning to in the future. It is gorgeous and my photographs (see my Silent Sunday post from yesterday) really don’t do it justice.

After a full day of hiking in Arches, we explored Moab in the afternoon. We stopped and tried the local microbrews offered at Dewey’s and then elected to return to the Moab Diner again for dinner our second night in town. I mean, there were other options, but the food was so good, the service so outstanding, and the atmosphere so friendly, why go anywhere else?! Moab Diner is also a very affordable place to eat. We cannot say enough about it! If you find yourself in Moab, be sure to eat at this long-standing establishment with a fifties-style decor. You won’t be disappointed.

For more about the history of the Moab Diner and a link to their menu, click here.

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