Slice of Life Tuesday: Creating without words

My writing has taken center stage in my life as far as my free time lately. Last night, for example, I was rushing into my home office to finish a poem I had started. I had forgotten the deadline was December 6th. I ended up hitting the submittable button about fifteen minutes prior to the submission window closing. It’s probably not my best work but realizing I was going to miss the deadline forced me to get it done. It also forced me to not ruminate about the words too much and to be more concise in what I wrote. The poem – on a plant – also required some research. Fortunately, I had done most of the deep dive previously. Sometimes, a little pressure is good.

Today, I feel the urge to create without words. I need a break from editing and since I have other hobbies that are profitable at this time of year, I turned to them. Last month, I bought some loose gemstones. I was anxious to start creating pieces of jewelry with them. I did that this morning already. It is lovely.

Newly handmade beaded bracelet of aquamarine gemstone disc beads and sterling silver. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2021

I also had an Etsy order to package and mail to the buyer.

A beautiful woven bracelet is going to Delaware.

Oriental Flair Woven Silk, Leather, and Glass Bead Bracelet. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2019.

I’ve had orders from all over the world, including Australia! But, in recent years, I decided to just sell to US buyers. It is easier than trying to understand the shipping regulations from a lot of different places.

This afternoon, after a quick foray to do local errands, I will return to sewing my reusable market bags. They have been fun to make. I am sure people feel they are too expensive but they are lined, have interfacing to give them stability, and are very sturdy as well as useful. I receive compliments on them when I use the ones I kept for myself. I’m always shy of saying, “I made it” to people after I receive a compliment. I don’t know why! I should be proud of my abilities to sew and create.

Reusable Market Bags by Carol’s Jewelry Orchard on Etsy! © Carol Labuzzetta, 2021

So for the remainder of today, I am going to create without words. I’ll make some more jewelry and sew some market bags. It will be a good use of my time and something I enjoy!

Today is Slice of Life Tuesday. I thank for the development of Slice of Life and the continuation of a supportive and welcoming community each week! I’ve been a participant since 2017 and am grateful for the contacts and friends I’ve made through this forum.

5 thoughts

  1. First of all, I am definitely going to have to check out your Etsy page. You do beautiful work!

    There’s also something to be said, I think, for the way deadlines force us to put some of our more perfectionistic tendencies to the side. Sometimes, it’s nice for me to craft something and put it out into the world without poring over every detail.

    Mind you, I say this as I pore over every detail in writing this comment…(face to palm)…

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    1. Thanks, Lainie! Well, my last minute rush led to a rejection (I knew it would). But, I have something I can tweak up for the future and I learned about a new carbon sink – sea grass. So, it was all worth it! I try not to overthink, but I am an overthinker! LOL.. I hope you did have a chance to visit my Etsy page… Thanks!

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