Self Actualization

It’s about being the best you can be –

it’s not about a grade

it’s not about being popular

it’s not about how much money you make

or the position you hold

or the title you have.

It’s about being the best you can be and finding a way to do that.

The way might not be conventional,

it might not be traditional,

it might not be the road most traveled,

it might not even be supported.

But, it’s your way.

Finding your way to self-actualization

depends on

many, many factors. 

And, today,

it’s harder 

than ever


As a nurse and an educator, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has been part of my life-long education and engrained in my belief system.  Self-actualization is at the pinnacle of human development. Few, if any, might reach it or even strive for it. Admittedly, when one is stuggling to just survive, it is hard to reach for the pinnacle of human existance.

Self-actualization can be defined “as the full realization of one’s creative, intellectual, and social potential through internal drive (versus for external rewards like money, status, or power).” Source. Positive

I wonder today if people, in general, even know what the term self-actualization means. Have they even heard of it? I don’t know. It seems that many need help today and are outspoken about getting it. Communities rise to the occasion and try to provide help but is receiving assistance – to keep your business going, keep kids mentally healthy, to keep food on the table, to provide transportation, to provide shelter, and more – going to backfire on society as a whole? 

As parents, and as a society, we should be encouraging independence and self-sufficiency at the bare minimum.  Self – actualization?  I know that is a far cry for most from where we are now, but the continual provision of assistance will not help foster independence. 

I’m not advocating to stop helping people. But, there has to be limits. Help does run out. We are seeing it – substitute teachers are in short supply, nurses are leaving the profession due to being overworked and put at risk by those who fail to see the pandemic as a public health issue, supply chains are interrupted and stalled due to people not wanting to work. They want assistance instead. They want to fly with the flock instead of standing on their own. 

I think that assistance is fine but it will run out. What do we do, then? As society and as individiuals, I ask you, what do we do when the money and the ability to help runs out? We better figure it out soon because I see trouble ahead. We need to foster independence and self-actualization to get society back on track. Dependence on receiving assistance is only a temporary fix.

If you are interested in the topic of self-actualization, there is an article in Scientific American that can be accessed here.

2 thoughts

  1. >I know that is a far cry for most from where we are now, but the continual provision of assistance will not help foster independence. <

    While I'm all for offering a hand up, we also need to teach and expect the ability to create for ourselves is so important. Being consumers of things or media will always lead to that need for assistance.

    I'm not sure how to our country there right now…..

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    1. Yeah, me neither. People are so focused on complaining. And, I realize I did that in my post, as well. However, I do try to be a role model, especially around children, and I think that is who you are as well. I am going to try to not complain as much. Thanks!

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