Sunny Saturday

After a somewhat downtrodden post yesterday, I am upbeat and optimistic today. Many of my Poetry Friday friends offered support and understanding about my desire for real conversation. I thank all of them that responded. It got me thinking about friendship in general and how there are many types of friends and none of them respond in the same way to me, or probably, anyone else. Each pairing is unique and based on the two people involved in the relationship. I now wish I had taken the time to see my dear friend MJ when we were in Western, New York last week. She is one of those people with whom I can pick up without missing a beat after many months (or even years) apart and be chatting away in a minute about any number of subjects. I believe we’ve even gotten closer over the years, despite the 900 miles that now span between us.

There are a couple of other people with whom I can converse openly about anything. These people ask me questions about my hobbies, and show interest in me as a person and what I am doing at the current time. I hope I do the same for them. Luckily, one of them is my husband! He is my rock and I can always tell him what I’m feeling, and even if he sees things differently, he’ll listen. He’ll also let me decide what to do or how to react without suggestions (most of the time)!

In any case, I’m looking more upbeat today. I think the sun and dry weather (we’ve gotten a lot of rain this spring) have a lot to do with my mood today. On my job list is cleaning out our laundry room closet. I cleaned out our front closet this week and it took me several hours over the course of two days to finish it. Wow! The stuff we accumulate! It doesn’t help that I’m a coat collector! I sent photos of coats to our boys that they left behind when they moved out.

“Do you want this coat?” I asked them all. Only one, a spring rain jacket was saved. Don’t worry they are being donated so others can still get some use out of the life the coats have left.

The laundry room closet is my catch-all and I expect it will take a good chunk of my day. I still have teaching bags stashed in there with supplies from garden club lessons and community presentations.

Beyond that, I am finishing the revisions to my chapbook of nature poetry. I am on the last part, which consists of a backmatter chapter called Teaching Resources. After I finish that section, I have to delve into the indie publishing world and see if I can navigate the process.

New sewn/woven bracelet. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2022

I have jewelry inventory to finish taggng for the gallery in Iowa to which I take my creations. This will be my eighth season with them! Time flies! In addition to jewelry, I have to package note cards and books that I am taking as part of the Poetry of Our Times Exhibit and Readings in May.

Promotional Flyer shard with permission from The Left Bank.

Yes, I am busy. I have a lot to share and want to talk about what is keeping me busy. I think that’s natural and, really, not asking too much! What are you up to on this sunny Saturday?

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