Silent Sunday: Fruits and Berries

Today is Silent Sunday! All photos are my own and copyrighted whether watermarked or not. There is no permission to duplicate in any manner without my express permission. Thank you!

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  1. Wow, great pics of some of my favorite fruits! That’s wonderful that you have your own orchard! So, you grow apples, pears, cherries, and plums? The blueberries you picked in Hixton? In my frig, I have fresh black caps, strawberries, 7 black cherries from 2 different farmers. I ate all the raspberries be they’re my favorite fruit. I also have blueberries from a store. When the girls were young, we used to take them berry picking. I also took them wild raspberry and black cap picking. One of my grandmothers always took my cousin and I wild raspberry and black cap picking. I hated all the daddy-long-leg spiders and scratches, but loved the berries. Thanks for sharing

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    1. I lvoe berries, too, Gail! Raspberries are my favorite and the wild ones are just about ready to ripen here at the lake. We used to take our boys strawberry and blueberry picking and it was always fun. We did have some -5 varieties,I think, of blueberries in our old yard. they never produced much and over the last few years let the birds have them. But, the bushes were packed at Hixton! Love going there.Here is their website:


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