Saturday Ponderings: What is Going On With…?


I’ve been an avid Kohl’s shopper since we moved to the midwest in 1999. But, lately, I cannot find ANYTHING to buy there – even if I have a coupon and/or Kohl’s cash. I read that they are phasing out being a “department store” and are focusing on being a “lifestyle store” but, really?

I am left wondering if anyone out there feels the same?

Gone are the days when you could use a coupon on anything in the store – such as Adidas brand sweatpants (we bought a lot of these for soccer and tennis practices). And, I’m looking for a new fragrance, or rather, trying to buy an old one I liked and have to get it from Sephora where I cannot earn Kohl’s cash for my $70.00 purchase. I don’t know, it irks me!

And, then if you do find something online and cash out with local store pick up, it doesn’t always work. I’ve had a number of items canceled after checking out because their systems aren’t up to date and the item was out of stock.

I guess I should just be thankful that I”m not in the market for much these days!

Image by monicore from Pixabay


Okay, first off, I’ve been spoiled with really excellent donuts in my past. When we lived in Buffalo NY, there was Freddy’s Donuts on Main Street headed downtown. We had them only a few times but they were great! Then, Wegmans moved to town and I have to admit to partiality here. I grew up on Wegmans – everything! So, a run to “Weggies” on a weekend morning for donuts was a frequent occurrence. Tim Hortons made an appearance on the scene before we moved in 1999 and those were just “okay” donuts but still pretty good.

When we arrived in Wisconsin there was a donut bakery called Mr. D’s. The donuts were HUGE and tasty. They were very expensive and a huge hit with the hospital staff, as the store was just up the street a few blocks. We only had them a few times before they went out of business. The hospital my husband worked at had a wonderful (decadent) bakery with some of the best chocolate chip cookies around, but their donuts were pretty good too. At least they didn’t all taste the same. But the hospital decided to go “healthy” in their cafeteria and the decadent, sugary, fatty desserts and treats disappeared. We never understood that – don’t people need some comfort food while visiting or working in a hospital? We think so!

Krispy Kreme arrived here when our boys were young enough to enjoy going to the store to watch the donuts being made by a machine. But, therein lays the trouble – no matter the shape or name – they all tasted the same! That’s disappointing when you want a French Crueller to taste like one! We didn’t frequent them too often.

So, we began relying on our local grocery store for donuts. But, within the last month, they’ve made a change. I used to like a cinnamon twist. It was obvious these were hand twisted by their variable size. And, the cake was white. Now, there is no twist – or rather there is one in how they are made! It seems my cinnamon twist is now stamped (a fake twist appearance) and the dough looks like it is wheat. Definitely, not the same. My husband bought me one for a treat yesterday and I have to say, it was less than satisfying.

I was left asking myself what’s up with that?

Image by RitaE from Pixabay

I am considering this a possible new series for my blog. What do you think?

Let me know in the comments. Thanks!

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