Poetry Friday: Inspiration and Opportunity

Today is Poetry Friday! Our host is Janice Scully at Salt City Verse! Thanks for hosting, Janice!

Our move is complete and I’m finding new sources of inspiration for writing. I also want to take my writing in some new directions this year. I have ideas for some things other than poetry. And since my poetry seems to be getting “rejected” a lot lately, I thought I’d work on some other forms of writing.

Moving provides a chance to set new routines and as such, I will do that. Writing each day has already become a habit – I mean who does it daily for five years straight unless one is serious about it? But, in talking with a few friends as well as my husband, having new and different types of writing projects require some new habits as well as time commitment.

Enough about that for the moment. I do have a poem that was inspired before our move by a robin who kept banging herself into the window of one of our front bedrooms. I also want to share an opportunity to have a cup of Starbucks coffee on me!

First, the poem!

Bird Brain

Now, I know you truly have a bird brain.

Day and night, you do nothing but hit the pane.

More than a tick but less than a bump,

The constant thump-thump makes my heart beat like a pump

Are you really that dumb, oh, beautiful bird?

Or is there another reason you’re acting so absurd!?

If the window blind is up,

There will surely be a thump.

By keeping the blind down,

I assure you are nowhere to be found!

My brain must be bigger than yours

For I found a way to trick you from getting more sores.

No other robin appears on the pane of glass,

Move on now and provide others with your sass.

© Draft, Carol Labuzzetta, 2022

Now, an opportunity for a cup of coffee from me!

As most of you know I published my first book of poetry, a chapbook, in early May. I had a public reading at an art gallery event in Iowa, called Poetry of Our Times, where I also have sold my handmade jewelry on consignment since 2014.

I am finding that what “they” say is true: marketing is the hardest part of selling an indie book! I’ve done alright but surely; I’d like to do better (sell more). So, here is the deal. If you buy a copy of my book (or have already bought a copy) AND go to Amazon to leave a truthful review of the book, I will send you a Starbucks gift card for $5.00.  So far, I have one review by a wonderful and thoughtful person. I’d like to thank her and anyone else who does this for me. 

Here is the link to Amazon for my book, Life’s Inspiration and Reflection in a Few Words.

Alternatively, you can purchase it from my blog, under the Products for Sale tab, using PayPal.

All I need you to do is read the book, go to Amazon, leave a review, come back to my blog, and use the contact tab to let me know you did it (include your email and one identifying statement from your review) and I’ll send you a $5.00 e-gift card to Starbucks! Simple! Thanks so much for your consideration. And, if you’ve already purchased my book, you are almost to your cup of coffee! My first review will receive her e-gift in the next few days! Thank you!

© Carol Labuzzetta, 2022

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