Connection in a rural place

Connectivity, or lack thereof, is preventing me from posting a blog I wrote today. Suffice it to say, I am not rewriting it. I wrote it and something is preventing my publish button from being active.

We are in a rural area. WiFi is available but at a cost. Right now we are using our cell phones as hot spots to connect. It has been working but adding photos to my blog posts seems prohibitive. It makes my active publish button, go inactive.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll have to get this figured out.

I write a blog every day, I need to have a connection to do that.

Our neighbors are spending an exorbitant amount each month ($300.00) on internet services. They did have a child in school who needed a high-speed connection with a lot of data for online coursework. We don’t need that, but we need something modest, enough to connect reliably.

This week we went and got new library cards. I did not realize that there was a library in the town nearest us. I thought the closest was 30 minutes away. My husband found the closer library when he needed to print a building permit application for a small shed.

We went and signed up for library cards. They’ll get good use. I already checked out some books and my husband was able to print his building permit application. I asked about volunteering. It might be a good fit for me in the near future. I need to do a little more settling in first.

But, it was funny. While we were talking to the two librarians, we found out the following:

  • they were both our neighbors
  • they were able to give us a viable option for WiFi
  • they had the scuttlebutt on the road in town (when it would be done)
  • they told us it was fine to sit in the parking lot and use the library’s WiFi. (LOL).

Now, I’m sure we’ll be well connected in no time at all! Maybe tomorrow I’ll rewrite the blog I wrote today. Enjoy the weekend!

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