Traditions of the Fourth

I don’t have many regrets about life. But, one I do have is that we lived in Baltimore for two years and we never went to the Concert- Fireworks on the Capitol lawn in Washington, D.C. You know, the one they show on PBS – a Capitol Fourth I think it is called. The time we lived there was so brief that we didn’t realize this was an opportunity we should have taken at the time.

We’ve now lived in Wisconsin for 23 years! It’s the longest place we have ever lived or owned homes. Our July Fourth celebrations are now commonly spent at our cabin with friends. It’s become a tradition to have our close friends Amy and Nick with their children – both now middle school age – to come for the long weekend. This year is no different. They will arrive in a couple of hours. We’re glad they’re coming! Although not blood relations, they’re as close to family as can be without that biological tie.

This year, because we just moved here semi-permanently a week ago, we decided to keep things simple. Simple food, simple accommodations. We are still living amongst boxes, some partially unpacked and some not, but of course, they know this. It is not phasing them and certainly not phase us. They are a family we can be ourselves with and not feel we have to put on aires.

Usually, one or more of our sons also come. This year, our middle son joined us yesterday for the weekend. He has Monday off of work and loves to come to the lake to relax. As he says, “it’s the place he sleeps the best!” I agree with him. I’ve slept very well this week myself – better than usual.

Being surrounded by nature is calming. Right now, there are birds singing in the woods, the lake is calm, the pasta salad is made, and the cooler is out ready to receive anything we cannot fit in the refrigerator.

We have worms for fishing and the kayaks are out ready to be taken out on the water. When I think back to missing the Capitol Fourth concert in Washington, D.C., I also think of the crowds, the parking issues, and all the things that accompany a big city visit. Minus the experience of hearing some great patriotic music, I think my regret is fading.

We’ll go ahead and have our traditional Fourth of July celebration right here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin with our family and great friends. There are no regrets about doing it this way, ever!

Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July!

One thought

  1. Have a great July 4th with your friends, their children, your son, and your husband! What lake is that in Wisconsin? My sister’s family used to rent a place on a lake in Northern Wisconsin, when their children were young. They fished in the lake, also. Have fun fishing and kayaking!


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