Price Shockers!!!

Inflation hits everyone, no matter your socioeconomic class. And, while some might still be able to afford absorbant prices, it might be wiser to pass.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Last week’s price shock was $1.00 an ear for corn. Nope, didn’t buy any.

This week’s shocker is is $7.04 for six hershey bars. Nope, didn’t buy that either.

A mega sized box of wheat thins was $11.99 last week. It was $7.50 for a family sized box at that time. Today, the same box was 4.49. Huh?

Everything has gone up in price from eggs to cookies.

It’s a good thing the price of gas it coming down; it looks like we’ll need the money for food!

What are you finding expensive where you live? Name something specific that has shocked you recently in price!

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