The Challenges of Blogging Daily

Acadia National Park. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2022

As many know, I’ve been splitting my writing time between two blogs for the last three months. I am still posting here, on WordPress, and I also have a page on just using my name. You can search for it that way if you wish. Otherwise, I’ll post a link here for you to reach it as well.

On Medium you can be paid for your writing. This occurs in several ways. The more members that read your writing, the more you are paid. Please don’t make the assumption that I’m getting rich off of this! I made less than $10.00 last month and had over 8,000 views and 3,400 reads at the high point, mid-month. The reason? While I had two articles “go viral” with 1.4k and 1.2K reads on the day they were published, they were virtually all (98%) from external (outside of medium) readers. I don’t get paid for those but it was several thousand times the number of reads I get here on WordPress. Therefore, I’m still experimenting with that platform.

Posting to any of the myriads of digital publications on Medium also will garner more views and exposure, theoretically increasing one’s income. I’ve been accepted at 4-5 publications as a writer but am just starting to dip my toes in that water now. My short story: The Thrift Story was published by DDA on Medium and it has done nothing to increase views. Either my writing is bad or the site doesn’t generate a lot of visitors. It’s hard to tell which. I submitted a piece to another publication as well, and that got published through Bouncin’ and Behavin’ Blogs and did bring me more views. The owner of that publication writes a lot and he writes well! I was very happy he passed on my piece to his other readers. I am sure it helped!

The other way to be paid is for readers to give you a tip via Ko-fi or PayPal or any other tipping platform. I have not set up a tipping site yet. I have mixed feelings about it.

The problem, I’ve found, with writing on two blogs, one of them new to me, is the huge consumption of time. I’m not sure of the ROI or return on investment for me with doing this. I want to get into some other forms of writing and all this blogging is preventing me from doing that. There are ONLY 24 hours in a day! Right?!

Then, I discovered that I am sensitive to screen light at night. I’ve been having some insomnia not caused by my anxiety (which is the usual culprit). I finally figured it out the other night when I was researching a winter trip for us to somewhere warm. I was on my computer for hours between 7 and 10 pm and I paid for it with sleeplessness.

I’ll be looking into those blue light-blocking glasses from Zenni for sure!

Anyway, I’m on vacation now and still blogging. The thing with blogging is if you don’t keep it up, readers move on to someone else. So, I’ve been posting to my site. Another way to support my writing is to join medium using the referral link that I provide at the end of all my articles.

Medium costs $5.00/month to join. It gives you access to thousands of articles by thousands of people, many of whom write every day ( including me)! If you join with my referral link, I get part of your membership fee. If you read my articles as a member, that will also increase my readership and thus my pay!

My only goal for this month is to make more than last!

Since I’ve posted four blogs on Medium since I last posted my Silent Sunday blog on WordPress, I will provide you with the links to those articles below.

Maine: First Impressions

Don’t Complain about a Hiking Trail Until You’ve Finished It

Maine Blueberries: More Skin in the Game

Acadia National Park: Did it Make Our Favorites List?

And lastly, here is my referral link information:

Did you like this story and want to read more like it? You can join Medium, HERE. By using my referral link, I will receive a portion of your membership subscription and you support my writing. You are then free to read all the articles you want, from any contributor! Thanks for the consideration!

Would you rather get my posts via email? You can get an email subscription to my page, HEREEach time I post on Medium, the article will arrive straight in your inbox! Thank you for your interest!

Thank you for your consideration and always for supporting my writing as a reader!

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