What’s Up With That? Our Vacation is Almost Over and I Feel Old!

Image by Hùng Anh Trần from Pixabay 

We are on the last leg of our fall vacation. It’s been wonderful, hiking every day for 5-7 miles with rock scrambles and rewards of awesome vistas.

We left The Lodge at Moosehead Lake in Maine this morning after another breakfast of handmade blueberry pancakes by their in-house chef. I had made plans to stay tonight in Bennington, Vermont. We’ve been to Bennington before but it was a very long time ago – over 25 years. Sadly, Bennington Pottery is closed. It was a place we enjoyed visiting all those years ago. I still have and use mugs from there. The internet says that it is a temporary closure. I hope that’s true. In any case, we won’t be visiting tomorrow.

Tonight we went to a chain restaurant for dinner. I’m not going to reveal which one it was but it is a large chain that specializes in Tex-Mex. I wasn’t that hungry so I ordered a cup of chili and a side of caesar salad.

Deciding to order wasn’t the problem. The problem was that the restaurant was dark. it was so dimly lit that I had problems viewing the menu! The tables seemed wide so I felt far away from my husband. He was holding his menu up to catch light from the windows (across the room) in order to help him read the menu. There was loud music playing and people talking. I couldn’t hear what my husband was saying. All this made me feel old!

I moved over to his side of the booth and we ate facing the same way. Let me just say his meal was fine. Mine was not. The lettuce in the caesar was room temperature. It was slathered with dressing, which was my fault for not asking for it on the side. The chili was lukewarm and tasted only like chili powder, nothing else. It was not a good meal.

It’s the end of our vacation and I feel old. I’m tired tonight and not looking forward to another night in a hotel. At least it’s our last. Hopefully, when I get home, I’ll feel young again!

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