Stroopwafels: A Dutch Cookie Treat!

As you might know I have developed a fondness for all things Dutch! This started with a trip to the Netherlands in 2016 for a five night stay in Den Haag. Since we had occasion to walk around the city, while visiting the grocery store, I spotted something that looked like a Pizzelle, but alas, it was not! It was a Stroopwafel, a Dutch cookie treat!  Being somewhat adventuresome, we bought a package to allow us to have a tasty treat in our hotel room, which just happened to be in an old Dutch mansion.

According to this article from Food and Wine and another synopsis from  Wikipedia, Stroopwafels are a Dutch cookie from the city of Gouda which consists of a layer of sweet, sticky caramel-like syrup between two wafer thin, lattice covered cookie layers.


Since having stroopwafels in The Netherlands, I’ve been able to find them a number of places in the United States, included our own local grocery store and Target! There is also a Dutch chocolatier in Ames, Iowa called STAM, that carries the stroopwafel cookie in packages of a half-dozen. It was there, on my last trip to Ames, in early November that I was reminded of this treat!

I bought a package for my sister-in-law who has travelled the world, but I do not believe has ever had a stroopwafel. When I purchased them, my son told me he had found out that the thin, sandwich-like cookie is meant to be placed, prior to eating, on a hot cup of coffee or tea to melt the syrupy caramel. Yum! I can just imagine how much this slight warming might add to the deliciousness of the Stroopwafel. So, I passed that bit of information on the my sister-in-law when I gave her the package this past week. She seemed very pleased with the gift!


Writing this piece about the beloved Dutch Stroopwafel cookie has made me hungry for them! After the pies of Thanksgiving, and before the cookies of Christmas, I just might have to “sandwich” in some Stroopwafels! even offers a recipe for them made with — you guessed it — a pizzelle iron!  And, if I don’t get around to making the stroopwafels; thankfully, I know just where to find them!


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