Foodie Monday: Honey Peach Bourbon Freezer Jam

Peaches are in season! They are one of my favorite fruits!

Since I wanted to preserve some of that sweet flavor of late summer for the cold days of winter, I decided to make freezer jam. And, not just the standard strawberry freezer jam that our mother’s used to make! I found a recipe for Honey-Bourbon Peach Preserves from the Cooking Light – 5 ingredient, 15 Minute Recipe magazine, Spring 2021 edition. An elevated jam!

The key to this recipe or really any recipe involving fruit is to use the freshest fruit possible. Since peaches don’t grow well in Wisconsin, this means being on the lookout for when the fruit is most tasty and ripe. A mealy peach is not one you want to put into a batch of preserves.

The recipe also uses honey as the sweetener and bourbon as an extra flavor along with fresh thyme and some kosher salt. Here is a link to the recipe found online. From the recipe I got five pints; four went in the freezer and one in the refrigerator for immediate consumption.

It’s a very easy recipe and the peach, honey, bourbon mixture cooked down just as it should in exactly the amount of time the recipe called for. The outcome was delicious! My husband has used it on vanilla ice cream as a topping and on his morning toast!

I think I am going to have to make another batch!


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