Slice of Life Tuesday: A Late Pi Day Post & Finding a Way to Help the People of Ukraine.

Last week, I was taking a break from my writing my blog. It was time to refresh and relieve myself of the irritations that come with blogging daily for five years. I write to be heard, sometimes I’m not. End of story.

A few days before Pi Day or 3/14 (3.14….) I saw a social media post from a local bakery about Pies for Peace being sold on … you guessed it, Pi Day! Linda’s Bakery, a local, award-winning bakery, was selling pies as a special promotion on Pi Day. One hundred percent of the profits for all pies sold on 3/14 were being donated to a charity to aid the Ukraine people. I believe it was through an arm of Catholic Charities.

What a great idea, I thought to myself! I’ll go and buy a few pies and contribute to a good cause at the same time. Our family loves pie! Even though we are watching carbs and sweets (still carbs), we could celebrate a visit home from our oldest son with some pie. He was due in on the 15th after a trip to California to consider a research job. The nice thing was that these pies were 6 inches – just the right size for a treat but not overindulgence.

Pixabay Free for use licensing by Pixapopz.

We’ve always had great fun with Pi day when our boys were in school. All three were adept at math and two participated in the Math Counts competitions both advancing the state level of competition. Our youngest recalled the first 200 numbers in Pi during a fourth-grade competition in grade school. There was really no point to this, other than to have fun and test recall memory – which he happens to be blessed with a very good brain for that skill. We have a long-time connection with both Pi and pie.

Anyway, I got to the bakery at noon on the 14th. After waiting in line (I expected there would be one), I was told that they had already sold out of pies for the day! The good news was that I could still place an order for Pies for Peace and still have the entire amount donated to the cause. I did so and my pies were ready for pick up on 3/16. And, they were delicious!

Our community is very giving…whatever the cause – Afghan refugees, flood victims, losses from house fires, or homelessness, people here rise to the occasion to help. I know that helpers arrive in many forms – I’ve been one. When you have a lot, it makes sense to share with others. And, opportunities for helping those in distress abound in and around our small Wisconsin city.

Pixabay free for use images by Image by WikimediaImages from Pixabay.

That is something special to celebrate – with pie!

On Tuesdays, I post to the community brought to the internet by It is Slice of Life: Tuesday. Thank you for creating and continuing to host this talented and welcoming community of writers.

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  1. This is beautiful, and fun. Starting with the need, and power to understand that need, to give yourself a break, and then turning toward your family (who needs you to be able to take breaks) and the notions about helping others with something so simple (and delicious) as pie. Great post, thanks for sharing!

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  2. I always say that a good way to do well in this world is to find what you do well and use it to put something good into this world. This reminds me of a bake sale we would do to support a girls’ school in Kenya. Baked goods CAN save the world!


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