Foodie Monday: Cinco de Mayo Veg Style

We had friends over on Thursday night. A coworker of mine from the land trust we both worked at (and are now no longer working there) came for dinner with his wife. They are twenty-plus years younger than us but very enjoyable company. As it turned out, the date that worked for both us and our friends was the 5th of May, otherwise known as Cinco de Mayo. This is a Mexican celebration of the Mexican army’s win over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War, according to

Americans like this holiday as it gives us an excuse to eat Mexican food. (I am not sure who really needs an excuse for that.) Seen as how this was the date our friends could come to dinner, I decided upon a meal that would be fitting for the day. But, as I thought about it, I remember my co-worker telling me his wife was vegetarian. So, I texted him to confirm it. Sure enough, my memory served me correctly and she is vegetarian.

This sent me online to find a dish I could make and serve to go with the chicken fajitas I had planned. Immediately, I came across some great-sounding recipes on the webpage of Roasted Root. Since we were having Chicken Fajitas – something we make regularly. I chose to make Portobella Mushroom Fajitas. The recipe can be found on the above-linked website.

They were delicious! And, we will make them again! Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photograph! I can tell you that my husband really enjoyed the sauce on these fajitas and wants to change up our regular fajita seasonings to this sauce instead! Simple and yummy!

Image by Angela Rose from Pixabay

I can also share a dip recipe I’ve used for years that we served the other night as well. It is for a bean dip that you serve with corn chips.

In an oven-safe shallow bowl or dish, approximately 8-9 inches across and 2-3 inches deep, spread one can of refried beans. On top of that spread sour cream, but not right up to the edge of the bowl, leaving about a 1-inch border instead. On top of the sour cream spread a layer of salsa to the edge of the sour cream. Don’t put too much or your dip will be runny. On top of the salsa put shredded cheddar cheese. Bake in a 350-degree oven for about a half-hour until the cheese layer is bubbly. I do cover it with foil until it is almost done. Serve warm with tortilla corn chips and more salsa and/or guac.


Mangia bene!

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