Email Deletion – An Easy Cleanout. #SOL20 Day 25/ Year 3

Many of my friends and family have been cleaning out during the extra time spent at home now. I have not done too much of that since I left my job in early October and had some time to do closet cleaning and such well before now. Surely, some spaces could be cleaned out again but they will have to wait, as I am not in the mood.

The room that I have been nearly finished with organizing and cleaning out was our storage room in the lower level of our home. We have a walkout ranch, so there is no basement. This regional phenomenon of not having a basement took us some time to get used to when we moved to the midwest. But, our storage room is quite big. We’ve lined it with steel shelving and a ping pong table sits in the middle of it. There is the sanitary tub used frequently by my young artist and a chest freezer that is full right now.  All of our holiday decorations are stored in totes and some of my lesson plan files are in a cabinet behind the door.  There are shelves with cooking accessories like crockpots and party perk coffee makers. My jewelry displays and in two totes for when I need them for shows. There are now even some books – mostly my husband’s – stacked on the shelves where there is a space.

It is a room that just never gets completely cleaned up. And, now it not the time to do it either. Our “extras” are stored in that room right now – in plain sight – so we do not forget to use those supplies, whether it be paper or dry goods. We did not go “hog wild” nor did we hoard supplies. We got enough to get us through this pandemic. So, for that reason, the storage room will have to wait yet again to be completely organized.

But, there is something I can do today to help streamline and organize my life. I am going to delete ALL of my emails in one account.  At this time, I have two main email accounts. There really is no need for this and it encourages laziness on my part. Many of the emails in this one account are solicitations and/or updates and not needed.  I’ve thought about doing this before but we always had a trip planned or something that prevented me from hitting the delete all button.  Right now, there is nothing like that outstanding!

So, I’m going to do it – hit delete on nearly 10,000 emails! Did I tell you I hoard those?


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