Baking & Cooking Lend Comfort

Over the last month, we’ve been treated to some homemade bread products. Our son, a graduate student, has been home temporarily due to the virus and passing some time working on a sourdough starter, bread, and pretzels. They’ve been warmly received by everyone in our home – especially his younger brothers.


We’ve laughed as he has treated the starter well by feeding it twice a day.  The bread was delicious with a little bit of my homemade cherry jelly spread sparingly on a slice and the pretzels – well, they were fabulous!

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Very often we do not take the time to enjoy making food from scratch. This month has been different, just because we’ve had both the extra time and inclination. Some of the food we’ve had from scratch has included:

Wheat bread

Sour Dough Bread

Cherry Jelly

Sour Dough Pretzels


Chocolate Chip Cookies


I like to bake more than cook, but the lasagna I made was claimed to be the best ever and although I was worried about my cherry jelly not firming up – it did so fine once it was cool.  All this cooking activity has been on top of making masks, learning the peyote stitch, and more! It’s kept us busy, appreciative, and contentedly full.

And, those are all good things.


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