Right Now, Less is More

During the last three weeks, I’ve noticed that we have less of certain things.  Today, I noticed that we have been receiving far less mail than we usually do. This is a very welcome change. For some reason, we get a lot of mail. Most of it is junk mail that comes in and goes right back out into the recycling tote or garbage bin. But, lately, we are only receiving 1-3 pieces of mail per day. I like how it does not build up on the counter or clutter my kitchen. I like how it is easy to go through and sort.  I asked my husband why he thought it was that we were getting less mail during the pandemic. He had no answer. But, we both hope it continues once the virus has passed.

Less is More!  Less mail is more counter space in my kitchen.

Less mail is more time to do something else.

Less mail is…..something we hope continues!

I have also noticed that we are more creative with our meals.  The ability to run to the store on a whim for this or that as we start to think of or prepare dinner no longer exists. We just refuse to do that now. We’ve realized that it is not necessary. Garlic toast made out of bread slices is just as delicious as a loaf of garlic bread.  Frozen fruit can be a great substitute for fresh fruit.  Making pizzelles from on-hand staples is more delicious (and, unfortunately, disappear faster) than a package of store-bought cookies.


Less chance to make a run to the store means more inventiveness, more creativity, and more things from scratch than before the pandemic.

There is also (for me) a whole lot less pressure. April was to be a busy month. I was scheduled to see close to 1,200 students for Earth Day Celebrations.  Those presentations have been canceled.

Cancellations mean less to prepare, less to do, fewer places to go and more time.

Earlier this week, I deconstructed an old button-down shirt to make some fabric face masks.   Today, I did the same with another shirt.   Less crowded closets mean more personal protection masks as shirts are upcycled.

Less is more right now, in a lot of ways.  Have you found this to be so?

I have decided to enjoy it while it lasts.


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  1. My wife is a genius in the kitchen, so when we ran out of tortillas, with no plans to go to the store for a while, she made them. We are looking for ways to cut calories to lose weight, and so she dug into a cookbook, finding a “nicecream” recipe. Frozen bananas and peanut butter, a little milk and plain Greek yogurt. Delicious! We are finding the longer we are at home, the less we have, and the more we are making with less. It feels odd, but very satisfying too. 🙂

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