Monday Foodie Post

When my husband and I were on the keto diet, I posted updates on our Keto Journey on Mondays. Now, we are far past the time on the actual diet and are maintaining our respective goal weights (173# and 125#). These are our weights now, a week past the holiday (eating) season.

Personally, I am still watching my carb intake, although I am not tracking the grams of carbs per day like I did before. I learned what foods are high protein and low carb. I still shy away from bread, reduced my portion and frequency of a pasta meals and am still eating eggs regularly (both cooked and hard boiled). I have a sweet tooth and like candy, so I need to watch that as well. However, I’ve learned that a piece or two of Dutch licorice ( a favorite treat from my son) isn’t going to hurt my waistline. The Christmas cookies got eaten, but again, I watched the number I ate and only frosted half of the cutouts since everyone likes the plain cookies almost as much. It helped us to reduce food waste too, not having 12 dozen cookies sitting around not being eaten before they turned stale. We did not make molasses cookies or caramels or chocolate chips or peppermint taffy. But, still, we felt satisfied in our holiday treats.

Since the holidays, we’ve also made some nice meals. One night, we had shrimp scampi with thin spaghetti and garlic bread as a side. I also made a pan of homemade mac and cheese, the ultimate comfort food for some in our house!

The only problem I’ve had is that I ate a bagel with raspberry jam and felt sick afterward. Can you say, too much sugar?! I definitely need a high protein breakfast to start my day and am sticking with nuts (dry roasted, not salted) and berries. Hey, when you find something that works, you stick to it – right?

Cooking has been fun and paying attention to nutrition and calories to maintain a healthy diet only adds to the complexities of meal planning. But, it’s worth it! We’re two months out from reaching our goal weights and are still easily maintaining them – even without counting the carbs! I’d say that’s a pretty successful lifestyle change, wouldn’t you?

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  1. Well done, you! You’ve got quite a hand for cooking, I’d say. And like you with the bagel in the morning, I’ve discovered that I feel good when I eat good, and feel bad when I eat bad. As long as I remember that, I’m *usually* pretty ok!

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