Keto Diet Journey & Foodie Update

Two weeks ago I provided an update our our keto journey. Since that time, we’ve continued to make progress. I’ve had a stubborn last pound (half pound, now) to lose. My husband, on the other hand continues to struggle to stop loosing weight. Both of us are slightly frustrated.

Celebrating a birthday (mine) between now and then was also somewhat of an experience. Many of our family traditions revolve around food. So, when trying to celebrate but still be conscious of my weight goal plans, was a slight challenge.


But, let’s back up. I promised more food exploits before we get into the the update of dodging pounds while celebrating. Around the time I made the apple muffins I featured two weeks ago, we made some bacon wrapped scallops! Yum! Scallops and bacon are two foods that can absolutely be enjoyed on the Keto Diet. We’ve made these before, while not dieting, and they are a favorite! But, this time, we decided to use a recipe that called for some more spice (other than just garlic and salt). I found a recipe on the food network that called for creole seasoning referred to as Emeril’s Essence. It had salt, paprika, garlic, black pepper, onion powder, cayenne pepper, dried oregano, and dried thyme. Wow! It was spicy, for sure! Unfortunately, it covered up the taste of the scallops for me and we’ll probably be returning to a garlic-lemon-butter based sauce for future scallop dishes.

However, the point is that you can dine quite well on a keto diet! Of course, we could not have rice as we have in the past with a seafood dish such as this, but a nice fresh tossed salad worked well!

Rustic Sausage Soup

Not all meals have to be so fancy, and we truly only eat that way on occasion. So, I’m always on the look out for something tasty but also easy. I found a Low Carb Italian Sausage Soup- Instant Pot Recipe! I wrote about our intentions to buy an Instant Pot several weeks ago. Finding this recipe, as well as a need to try the chicken wings our son raved about served as the impetus to get one. Although, this soup could definitely be made on stove top, the ease of using the Instant Pot was phenomenal! The soup recipe was found on the website My post about it is here.

Finally, we have cheated a little. For my birthday celebration, instead of making a pie or cake from scratch (I really don’t care for the almond or coconut flour baked goods), my husband bought 3 decorated cupcakes (regular sized) from the store. I had half for dessert and half for a snack the night before my birthday. On my birthday, we were going to “cheat” with ice cream – there’s a new flavor I had towards the end of summer (another cheat) called Jamaican Joe that is chocolate fudge swirled into coffee ice cream! YUM! But, the ice cream shop (a mom and pop) establishment was closed when we went to visit. We are sincerely hoping they are okay, since we noticed that they were not wearing masks nor were many of their customers when we visited earlier this fall.

So, what’s the point this week on our Keto Journey? The point is that you can successfully diet AND still have a brief indulgence! My last half pound is being very stubborn but I also know I have to be patient since let myself have some yumminess!

Next time, I’ll share some recipes that are not keto but are low carb!

Image by Vidmir Raic from Pixabay

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