A Tasty Treat

Yesterday I was motivated to bake. My mom sent me home from New York with an extra copy of the Taste of Home cooking magazine. While I used to have a subscription to this monthly source of recipes, I let it lapse because I rarely found a keeper in it. But, since I hadn’t browsed one in years, I took her extra copy.

As I looked through the Feb/March 2021 issue, I found several recipes I wanted to try. One was a mini triple berry pie. Maybe I was attracted to the recipe because I knew I had half a bag of organic mixed berries from Sam’s Club in the freezer. The recipe, of course, calls for fresh blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. But, my mix contained black berries, raspberries and blueberries. Close enough. And, I had just enough for the three total cups of berries the recipe called for. All I needed to do was get some pre-made pie dough and I’d be all set.

So a day later, yesterday, I made the Triple Berry Mini Pies from the recipe in the latest issue of the Taste of Home magazine. Let me wet your whistle with some photographs!

Don’t they look yummy? I can attest that they are. These will be a dessert for a future dinner party for sure! Easy to make, easy to serve, easy to eat!

What did I learn from making these “hand pies?”

First, we ate them with a fork. Much less messy!

Second, the recipe only makes eight. Less than 24 hours after making them, there are only two left. Another batch, made at the same time, would be awesome!

Third, the recipe for the fruit filling is great! It thickened and was never runny! We’ve experienced runniness with some berry recipes in the past. Not with this one, though!

Forth, the whipping cream was our addition and definitely dresses up the pies.

Fifth, we are already talking about different fillings we could make – like a mini apple pie with the apples from our own trees! Or, cherry – with cherries from our home orchard!

And for the nutrition conscious – each pie has 211 calories and 28 carbs (once you subtract the fiber). Not bad for a dessert! Of course, the whipped cream adds a tad more.

I looked online for this recipe but did not find it from Taste of Home. So, unfortunately, you might have to buy the most recent issue for the recipe. (I have no affiliate links – so I am not profiting off of this advice.) It will be worth the six bucks, I can vouch for that!

Up next, a roasted whole chicken from the same issue. That recipe is on deck for tonight’s dinner!

Mangia! Ciao!

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