Keto Diet & Monday Foodie Update

Exciting news! I made it to ten pounds being lost on our diet! Congratulations to me!

While my husband and I continue along the Keto diet path, we continue to search for yummy recipes to help us stay on course.

A muffin recipe I found last week was one I absolutely had to try! And, despite two previous attempts, the muffins were not made until this morning! What happened?

The attempt was foiled by me attempting to bake when I was tired and mis-reading the recipe, which itself, unfortunately was not very clear. Tie the two issues together and you have me adding the entire amount of almond flour (all I had left in the house), to the streusel crumble which was combined first, according to recipe directions. At first I was elated that I had enough flour to make the muffins at 7:30 in the evening, only to have my hopes dashed when I realized that I had not read the directions (only the ingredient list) carefully enough. Just to give myself some excuse (and grace) I have to tell you that the recipe also called for coconut flour and that might have confused by thinking about the amount of almond flour.

In any case, I had to stop this first baking attempt due to being out of almond flour to complete the muffins.

Two days later, with a fresh bag of almond flour on my counter, I started to make the muffins again. This time, after I had mixed everything up with wet ingredients including egg, vanilla, and coconut milk in one bowl and the dry ingredients including almond and coconut flour, as well as the leavening agents in another bowl, I had an emergency with the oven! Just as I was going to mix the two bowls together, I looked over at the oven to see if it had preheated. Instead, I saw flames and an arc of fire coming from the coil that sits at the base of the oven! Yikes! I turned it off immediately and went to tell my husband!

Sure enough, the oven was shot until we could get a new coil. And, due to COVID, that was not possible until this morning. Finally, after a quick coil replacement installed by my handy husband, the apple streusel muffins were made! And, boy, were they yummy!

There’s a couple things to be learned from this post. 1) Persistence and patience is key in dieting, baking, and repairs. 2) Do not rush to replace something (the whole oven) if you can replace the broken part. I wondered how many people would have just trashed their oven for a new one when this happened. My friend, another blogger and home organizer, wrote about this very thing (repairing vs. replacing what we own) in her post this morning. You can read it here.

There were more food adventures this week as well, but I’ll save those for another time.


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